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WAEC Physics 2015

1. Which of the following statements about mass and weight are correct? i. Weight is the force of gravity on a body. ii. The mass of a body is the quantity of matter in the body. iii. The weight of a body is greatest at the equator. iv. The mass of a body is greatest at the poles
• A. i and ii only
• B. i and iii only
• C. ii and iv only
• D. iii and iv only

2. Materials that can be stretched and still return to their original forms when the stresses are removed are said be
• A. elastic
• B. elastomer
• C. plastic
• D. thermoplastic

3. Which of the following units is derived?
• A. kg
• B. m
• C. K
• D. N

4. The barometric reading at a place is 73.5m Hg. Calculate the pressure at a point 30m below the surface of water contained in a reservoir at the place. [g = ms-2, density = 1.2 x 104kg m-3, density of water = 1.0 x 103m-3]
• A. 4.0 x 105 Nm-2
• B. 3.0 x 10 5 Nm-2
• C. 2.0 x 105 Nm-2
• D. 1.0 x 105 Nm-2

5. An object floats in a fluid when it displaces it’s
• A. volume of liquid in which it floats
• B. mass of fluid in which it floats
• C. weight of fluid in which it floats
• D. density of fluid in which it floats

6. The resultant force in a couple is
• A. zero
• B. infinite
• C. the sum of the forces
• D. the product of the forces

7. The slope of a straight-line velocity-time graph represents
• A. uniform acceleration
• B. uniform speed
• C. total distance travelled
• D. workdone

8. A body is projected with an initial velocity U at an angle O to the horizontal. The time taken by it to reach its maximum height is given by the expression
• A. 2usinθ/g
• B. u2sin2θ/2g
• C. usinθ/g
• D. usinθ/2g

9. Which of the following statements describes a body in a stable equilibrium correctly?
• A. a person walking on a tight-rope
• B. ball on a smooth horizontal table
• C. ball resting on an inverted hemisphere bowl
• D. ball in the middle of a hemispherical bowl

10. In a school compound a girl walks 40km due east from the laboratory to the staff room to submit her report. Then she returns and walks 30m due north to her classroom. Determine the magnitude of her displacement from the10m laboratory
• A. 10m
• B. 35m
• C. 50m
• D. 70m

11. Two strings each inclined at an angle 30o to the horizontal are used to hold a bucket of water weighing 20N. Calculate the tension i n each string.
• A. 20√3N
• B. 20N
• C. 10√3N
• D. 10N

12. A bullet fired vertically upwards reaches a height of 500m. Neglecting air resistance, calculate the magnitude of the initial velocity of the bullet. [g = 10ms-2]
• A. 500.0ms-1
• B. 100.0ms-1
• C. 70.0ms-1
• D. 50.0ms-1

13. A uniform bar AB is balanced on a knife-edge which is 60cm from B by a mass of 22g which hangs at C 10cm from A. Calculate the mass of the bar.
• A. 133.2g
• B. 66.0g
• C. 60.0g
• D. 22.0g

14. A body of mass 1000kg is released from a height of 10m above the ground. Determine its kinetic energy just before it strikes the ground .[g = 10ms-2]
• A. 10J
• B. 103J
• C. 104J
• D. 105J

15. The diagram below illustrate four test-tubes containing the same volume of a liquid at different pressure. In which of the test-tube does the liquid boil last if they are supplied with the same quantity of heat.

16. The crackling noise produced by aluminum roofing sheets on a house during a hot sunny day is a result of
• A. thermal equilibrium of the sheets
• B. conduction of heat by the sheets
• C. contraction of the sheets
• D. expansion of the sheets

17. Water is unsuitable for use as a thermometric liquid because it
• A. expands unevenly between 0oC and 40oC
• B. has narrow temperature range
• C. has a concave meniscus
• D. maintains fixed density

18. The diagram above illustrates a block ans tackle pulley system in which an effort E supports a load of 100.0N. If the efficiency of the machine is 75%, calculate the value of E
• A. 22.2N
• B. 38.0N
• C. 67.0N
• D. 75.0N

19. A quantity of hot water at 100oC is added to 400g of water at 10oC until the temperature of the mixture is 60oC. Calculate the mass of the hot water added. [Specific heat capacity of water =4200JKg-1 K-1]
• A. 200g
• B. 320g
• C. 400g
• D. 500g

20. In an experiment in which a molten substance is allowed to cool, the cooling curve above was obtained. The temperature 60oC is known as the
• A. vaporization point
• B. cooling temperature
• C. boiling point
• D. melting point

21. Which of the following concepts is a method of heat transfer that does not require a material medium?
• A. conduction
• B. radiation
• C. diffusion
• D. convection

22. Which of the following units is the S.I. unit of heat capacity?
• A. Jkg-1
• B. Jkg-1 K-1
• C. JK-1
• D. Jg-1K-1

23. The pressure applied to an enclosed fluid at one end is transmitted equally throughout the fluid and to the container wall. This statement is
• A. Archimede’s principle
• B. Bernouli’s principle
• C. Pascal’s principle
• D. Heisenberg’s principle

24. The diagram given illustrates a wave form. Determine the speed of the wave
• A. 5.4 ms-1
• B. 8.4 ms-1
• C. 9.6 ms-1
• D. 10.0 ms-1

25. What type of wave is emitted by a loud speaker?
• A. Transverse
• B. Longitudinal
• C. Gamma
• D. Radio

26. An object is placed 15cm from a diverging lens of focal length 1cm. The image of the object formed by the lens in
• A. real and 6.67cm from the lens
• B. virtual and 6.67cm from the lens
• C. real and 60.00cm from the lens
• D. virtual and 60.00cm from the lens

27. Which of the following types of lenses is suitable for correcting the eye defect illustrated by the ray diagram above
A. Bi-converging
B. Bi-diverging
C. Plano diverging
D. Diverging meniscus

28. A swimming pool is .1m deep. If it contains water of refractive index 1.3, calculate the apparent depth of pool
• A. 3.4m
• B. 2.7m
• C. 1.6m
• D. 0.8m

29. When an air column is set into vibrations, the distance between two consecutive nodes of the resultant wave is
• A. one quarter of the wavelength
• B. half of the wavelength
• C. the wavelength
• D. twice the wavelength

30. A girl standing some distance from the cliff claps her hands and hears the echo 0.8s later. calculate her distance from the cliff. [speed of sound in air = 320 ms-1]
• A. 82m
• B. 102m
• C. 128m
• D. 140m

31. Red light travels faster than blue light when both of them pass through a glass prism because the
• A. refractive index of red light is greater than that of blue light
• B. refractive index of blue light is greater than that of red light
• C. red light is more intense than the blue light
• D. blue light is more intense than the red light

32. An object is placed 20cm from a concave mirror of focal length 15cm. Calculate the linear magnification of the image formed
• A. 0.5
• B. 1.5
• C. 2.0
• D. 3.0

33. All electromagnetic waves in a vacuum have the same
• A. wavelength
• B. frequency
• C. speed
• D. amplitude

34. The diagram given illustrates two charged particles W and X. The charges on W and x are respectively
• A. negative; negative
• B. negative; positive
• C. positive; positive
• D. positive; negative

35. An alternating current supply is connected to an electric lamp which lights with the same brightness as it does with direct current source emf 6v. The peak potential difference of the a.c supply is
• A. 4.6v
• B. 6.0v
• C. 8.5v
• D. 12.0v

36. An electric generate rated 12kw, 2kv distribute power through a capable of resistance 0. Calculate the power loss in the cable
• A. 120 w
• B. 360 w
• C. 720 w
• D. 2400 w

37. Which of the following statements is correct? When capacitors of different values are connected in series
• A. the same charge flows through them
• B. the same voltage appears across each capacitor
• C. different quantities of charges flow through them in different voltages across them
• D. different quantities of charges flows through them with the same voltage across them

38. Which of the following statements about a three-pin plug is/are correct. i. The brown wire is the live wire. ii. The fuse is connected to the live wire. iii. The earth wire is coloured blue
• A. i only
• B. ii only
• C. i and ii only
• D. i, ii and iii

39. The symbol illustrated above is that of a resistor
• A. which absorb light
• B. which emits light
• C. which absorbs heat to function properly
• D. whose resistance is light dependent

40. A wire of cross-sectional area 0.60mm2 has a restivity of 7.2 x 10-7 Ω. Calculate the length of wire that will have a resistance of 3Ω
• A. 0.25m
• B. 2.50m
• C. 3.60m
• D. 36.00

41. A battery of emf 24V is connected to three resistor P, Q and R as illustrated in the given diagram. Determine the voltage across the resistor Q.
• A. 5V
• B. 10V
• C. 14V
• D. 24V

42. The mass of the earth is 6.0 x 1024kg and that of the moon is 7.0 x 1022kg. If the distance between them is 4.0 x 108m, calculate the force of attraction between them. [G = 6.7 x 10-11Nm2kg-2]
• A. 1.8 x 105N
• B. 1.8 x 1010N
• C. 1.8 x 1015N
• D. 1.8 x 1020N

43. The angle which the direction of the earth magnetic field makes with the horizontal at a palace is know as.
• A. angle of contact
• B. angle of dip
• C. angle of declination
• D. magnetic meridian

44. What must be connected between the points P and Q to establish a steady current through the incomplete circuit diagram given?
• A. Fuse
• B. ammeter
• C. Cell
• D. voltmeter

45. When current flows through a moving-coil galvanometer, the force exerted on the pointer depends on the: i. strength of the current. ii. magnetic field strength. iii. length of the coil. Which of the statement(s) above is/are correct?
• A. i only
• B. ii only
• C. i and iii only
• D. i, ii and iii

46. in a nuclear fission process, the mass defect was 1.2 x 10-5kg. Calculate the energy released. [speed of the light in vacuum = c = 3.0 x 108ms-1]
• A. 1.08 x 1011J
• B. 5.20 x 1011J
• C. 1.08 x 1012J
• D. 2.50 x 1013J

47. Which of the following statements about diode is correct?
• A. reverse bias diodes have low resistance
• B. forward bias diodes have high resistance
• C. forward bias diodes produce high current
• D. forward bias diodes function as a result of heat

48. Which of the following phenomena best supports the wave nature of matter
• A. electron diffraction
• B. photoelectric effect
• C. electron momentum
• D. black body radiation

49. Which of the following radiations constitutes a stream of electrons?
• A. Gamma rays
• B. X-rays
• C. Cathode rays
• D. Radio waves

50. 22688Raemits two alpha particles to produce polonium(po) nuclide. The correct formula for the nuclide?
• A. 22486po
• B. 22286po
• C. 22284po
• D. 21884po

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