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WAEC Physics 2010

1. Which of the following properties of a long steel bar would alter if the bar were melted, recast into a cube and allowed to cool to its original temperature?
• A. sensity
• B. volume
• C. specific heat capacity
• D. electrical resistance

2. Which of the following instruments is best for measuring the diameter of a thin constantan wire?
• A. callipers
• B. metre rule
• C. micometer screw guage
• D. vernier callipers

3. What is the density of a fuel of relative density 0.72? [Density of water = 1000kg m-3]
• A. 72 kgm-3
• B. 720 kgm-3
• C. 7200 kgm-3
• D. 72000 kgm-3

4. The types of motion which a cylindrical drum rolling down an inclined plane undergoes are
• A. circular and translational
• B. rotational and translational
• C. rotational and circular
• D. rectilinear and circular

5. Which of the following statements about moving particle is correct?
• A. if the resultant force acting on the particle is zero, then it is in dynamic equilibrium
• B. If the resultant force acting on the acting on the particle is greater than zero, then it is moving with a uniform velocity
• C. the rate of change of its momentum with time tales place in a direction opposite to that of its motion
• D. the particle falling freely covers equal distances in equal time interval

6. Which of the following statements about static friction is correct? It
• A. is independent of the nature of the surface in contact
• B. depends on the area of surface in contact
• C. depends on the relative motion between the surface in contact
• D. depends on the weight of the moving body

7. Two cars X and Y travelling in opposite directions along the same high way at uniform velocities 110 kmh-1 and 90kmh-1 respectively pass each other at a certain point. The velocity of X relative to Y at the time they pass each other is
• A. 200 kmh-1
• B. 100 kmh-1
• C. 40 kmh-1
• D. 20 kmh-1

8. The average speed of an object is determined by dividing the sum of its initial and final speeds by two only when the acceleration is
• A. changing
• B. uniform
• C. increasing
• D. decreasing

9. a body is projected horizontally from the top of a cliff 45m above the ground. if the body lands at a distance 30m from the foot of the cliff, calculate the speed of projection. [g = 10ms-2]
• A. 10ms-1
• B. 15ms-1
• C. 20ms-1
• D. 30ms-1

10. Which of the following statements best describes a rigid body? A body which
• A. is not equally deformed
• B. when deformed regains it shape
• C. is brittle
• D. when deformed remains deformed

11. A simple harmonic oscillator has a period of 0.02s and amplitude of 0.25m. Calculate the speed in ms-1 at the centre of the oscillation
• A. 125π
• B. 25.00π
• C. 100.00 π
• D. 400.00π

12. A vertical string, suspended from a fixed point and having a small mass attached to the free end is set into oscillations. Which of the following statements about the system are correct? i. The potential energy of the mass is a minimum at the middle of the swing ii. Its kinetic energy is a maximum at the middle of the swing iii. The sum of the potential and kinetic energies is constant throughout the swing
• A. i,ii and iii
• B. i and ii only
• C. ii and iii only
• D. i and iii only

13. A moving body of mass 25.0kg undergoes a uniform retardation of 20.0ms-2. Calculate the magnitude of the retarding force
• A. 1.25N
• B. 8.00N
• C. 45.00N
• D. 500.00N

14. Which of the following sources of energy is/are exhausible? i. Solar ii. Fossil fuels iii. Tidal power
• A. i, ii and iii
• B. i and ii only
• C. i and iii only
• D. ii and iii only

15. a machine is said to be a third class lever when the
• A. load is between the fulcrum and effort
• B. fulcrum is between the effort and the load
• C. effort is between the fulcrum and load
• D. fulcrum is directly below the load

16. a thermometer records 680 mmHg at steam point and 440 mmHg at ice point. The temperature it records at 380 mmHg is
• A. -25oC
• B. -20oC
• C. 20oC
• D. 25oC

17. The advantages of the thermoelectric thermometer include the following characteristics except that it
• A. can measure rapidly changing temperatures
• B. can measure high and low temperature
• C. can measure high and low temperature almost at a point
• D. is fairly sensitive

18. In a thermos flask, heat loss by radiation is minimizes by the
• A. silvered surfaces
• B. vacuum within the doubled walls
• C. plastic stopper
• D. cork support

19. The pressure P, volume V, and absolute temperature T of a given mass of an ideal gas change simultaneously. Which of the followng equations is correct about the gas?
• A. PV = constant
• B. P/T=Constant
• C. PV=constant/T
• D. I/T=constant/PV

20. Specific heat capacity 36.4 Jkg-1 K-1 of a body means that when 36.4J of heat energy is supplied to a body of
• A. mass 100kg the temperature rises by 1k
• B. mass 1kg, the temperature by 1000K
• C. mass 1kg, the temperature rises by 1K
• D. mass 100kg, the temperature rises by 1000k

21. An electric drill rated 400W is used to drill a hole in copper of mass 400g in 20s. Calculate the rise in temperature if all the heat produced is absorbed by the copper. [specific heat capacity of copper = 400Jkg-1K-1]
• A. 100oC
• B. 75oC
• C. 50oC
• D. 45oC

22. A solid of mass 0.5kg initially at 50oC melts at 60oC. Calculate the quantity of heat required to melt it completely. [specific heat capacity of the solid =2.0KJ kg-1K-1][Specific latent heat of fusion of solid =1.0 KJ kg-1]
• A. 1500J
• B. 10000J
• C. 10500J
• D. 15000J

23. Dew point is not affected by
• A. temperature
• B. wind
• C. the amount of water vapour in the atmosphere
• D. atmospheric pressure

24. A certain wave has a speed of 20ms-1. If the frequency of the wave is 0.25Hz, calculate the distance between successive crests of the wave
• A. 5.0m
• B. 40.0m
• C. 50.0m
• D. 80.0m

25. The ability of a wave to spread around corners is called
• A. polarization
• B. dispersion
• C. diffraction
• D. reflection

26. The following devices use plane mirrors in their operations, except
• A. periscope
• B. sextant
• C. kaleidoscope
• D. binoculars

27. When an object is placed at the principal focus of a concave mirror, the location of the image formed is
• A. between principal focus and pole
• B. between principal focus and centre of curvature
• C. at infinity
• D. at centre of curvature

28. From the diagram, the correct equation for the refractive index n of the medium is
• A. n = tan i
• B. n = sini/sin90o
• C. n = sini/cos(90o−i)
• D. n = sin 90oC

29. A ray of light travels from air to water. The refractive index of water is given by the expression
• A. velocity in water/velocity in air
• B. sine of angle of refraction/sine of angle of incidence
• C. apparent depth/real depth
• D. wavelength in air/wavelength in water

30. A lens that is thinner at the middle and thicher at the edges is
• A. diverging
• B. converging
• C. plano-convex
• D. converging meniscus

31. Which of the following electromagnetic wave has the longest wavelength?
• A. radio-waves
• B. gamma rays
• C. infrared waves
• D. ultraviolet rays

32. The amplitude of a sound wave determines its
• A. frequency
• B. quality
• C. loudness
• D. pitch

33. As the air column of length L in an air pipe decreases, the frequency of the sationary wave emitted
• A. decreases
• B. increases
• C. varies as L2
• D. varies as √L

34. A positively charged glass rod is placed near the cap of a positively charged electroscope. The divergence of the leaf is observed to
• A. decrease
• B. increase
• C. remain the same
• D. increase and collapse immediately

35. Capacitors are used in the following devices, except
• A. water pumping machines
• B. ceiling fans
• C. electric irons
• D. television sets


Use the diagram above to calculate the current, I.
• A. 0.60A
• B. 0.97A
• C. 1.03A
• D. 5.00A

37. Determine the potential difference. V across the parallel resistors
• A. 2.0V
• B. 2.3V
• C. 3.0V
• D. 0.7V

38. A galvanometer of internal resistance 50Ω and full scale deflection of 20 mA is converted into a voltmeter by connecting a resistor of resistance 1950Ω
in series to it. Calculate the maximum voltage that can be read by the voltmeter
• A. 20V
• B. 30V
• C. 38V
• D. 40V

39. In the wiring of houses, the fuse is connected to the wire coloured
• A. blue
• B. brown
• C. yellow
• D. yellow and green

40. Which of the following factors does not affect the electric resistance of wire?
• A. length
• B. mass
• C. temperature
• D. cross-sectional area

41. Which of the following factors will increase the sensitivity of moving coil meter?
• A. strong spring
• B. low numbers of turns
• C. small area of coil
• D. soft iron core

42. In order to prevent bar magnets from losing their strength, they are stored wih keepers such that the two bars are placed with
• A. like poles facing each other and the keepers placed between them
• B. like poles facing each other and the keepers placed between them
• C. unlike poles facing each other and the keepers placed at their ends
• D. unlike poles facing each other and the keepers placed between them

43. The resonant frequency of an a.c circuit is 1000 kHz. If each of the capacitance and inductance in the circuit is reduced by 50%, and no other changes are made, the resonant frequency will become
• A. 250kHz
• B. 750kHz
• C. 1000kHz
• D. 2000kHz

44. The energy, E stored in an inductor of inductance L when current I passes through it is given by the equation
• A. E = ½ LI2
• B. E = LI2
• C. E= ½ LI
• D. E = ½ L2I

45. Eddy currents can be reduced by
• A. using coil of high resistance
• B. winding the coil on a soft iron core
• C. creating holes in the metal plates
• D. using coil of low resistance

46. an electron moves with a speed of 2.0 x 106ms-1 in a straight line. Calculate the wave length of the electron wave. [mass of an electron = 9.1 x 10-31 kg][Planck’s constant = 6.6 x 10-34Js]
• A. 3.63 x 10-19m
• B. 6.51 x 10-9m
• C. 4.24 x 10-8m
• D. 7.25 x 10-8m

47. Oxidation of the filament in a light bulb is prevented by the introduction of
• A. hydrogen
• B. oxygen
• C. argon
• D. mercury vapour

48. In a cathode ray tube, the function of the x-plates is to
• A. deflect the electron beam horizontally
• B. deflect the electron beam vertically
• C. reflect the electron beam
• D. generate sinusoid waves

49. A nuclide represented as 7032X has a neutron-proton ratio of
• A. 0.5
• B. 0.8
• C. 1.2
• D. 1.5

50. Neutrons are used to induce artificial radioactivity because they
• A. are energetic
• B. have no charge
• C. have no mass
• D. are ionizing

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