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 1. Which of the following physical processes cannot be explained by the molecular theory of matter?

A. evaporation

B. thermal conduction

C. radiation of heat

D. convectional current of fluids


2. A spring balance, which is suspended from the roof of a lift, carries a mass of 1kg at its free end. If the lift accelerates upwards at 2.5ms-2, determine the reading on the spring balance. [g = 10ms-2]

A. 24.0N

B. 12.5N

C. 7.5N

D. 4.0N


3. An object weight 10N immersed in a liquid displaces a quantity of the liquid. If the liquid displaced weighs 6N, determine the upthrust of the object

A. 20N

B. 10N

C. 6N

D. 4N


4. Which of the following statements about pressure is not correct? pressure

A. increases with an increase in surface area

B. decreases with an increase in surface area

C. increases with a decrease in surface area

D. increases with an increase in the applied force


5. The apparent weight of a body fully immersed in water is 32N and its weight in air is 96N. Calculate the volume of the body. [Density of water = 1000kgm-3, g = 10ms-2]

A. 8.9 x 10-3m3

B. 6.4 x 10-3m3

C. 3.2 x 10-3m3

D. 3.0 x 10-3m3


6. A block weighing 15N rests on a flat surface and a horizontal force of 3N is exerted on it. Determine the friction force on the block

A. 0.3N

B. 0.5N

C. 3.0N

D. 5.0N


7. Which of the following equations represents the distance x, travelled by a body moving on a straight road with a constant speed? [The other symbol have their usual meanings]

A. x = Ut + ½t2

B. x = Ut

C. x = V2−U2/2a

D. x = – ½ at2


8. The amplitude of the motion of a body performing simple harmonic motion decreases with time because

A. friction force dissipates the energy of motion

B. the frequency of oscillation varies with time

C. the period of oscillation varies with time

D. energy is supplied by some external agency


9. The amplitude of a particle executing simple harmonic motion in 5cm while its angular frequency is 10 rad s-1. calculate the magnitude of the maximum acceleration of the particle

A. 0.25ms-2

B. 0.50ms-2

C. 2.00ms-2

D. 5.00ms-2


10. The time rate of change of momentum is

A. impulse

B. force

C. power

D. pressure


11. Which of the following statements about elastic collision is correct?

A. momentum is lost due to the sound produced

B. loss of momentum is equal to the loss in kinetic energy

C. both kinetic energy and momentum are conserved

D. kinetic energy is lost while momentum is conserved


12. Electrical resistance is a property of electrical energy to be converted into

A. mechanical energy

B. heat energy

C. magnetic energy

D. chemical energy


13. A simple machine with an efficiency of 75% lifts a load of 5000N when a force of 500N is applied to it. Calculate the velocity ratio of the machine

A. 10.0

B. 13.3

C. 17.5

D. 25.0


14. A screw jack with a Tommy bar of length 12cm is used to raise a car through a vertical height of 25cm by turning the Tommy bar through 50 revolutions. Calculate the approximate velocity ratio of the jack [π=3.142]

A. 21

B. 38

C. 48

D. 151


15. A beam PQ pivoted at P carries a load of 80N as shown above. Calculate the effort E, required to keep it horizontal. [neglect the weight of the beam]

A. 32.0N

B. 26.7N

C. 16.0N

D. 13.3N


16. A resistance thermometer has a resistance of 20ΩΩ at 0oC and 85ΩΩ at 100o If its resistance is 52ΩΩin a medium, calculate the corresponding temperature

A. 49.2oC

B. 60.6oC

C. 80.0oC

D. 84.7oC


17. A given mass of an ideal gas has a pressure of 500Nm-2at -13o If its volume remains constant. Calculate its pressure at 247oC.

A. 25Nm-2

B. 50Nm-2

C. 500Nm-2

D. 1000Nm-2


18. The volume of an ideal gas at a pressure of 77cmHg and pressure are increased to 98oc and 81cmHg respectively, calculate the new volume of the gas

A. 411.5cm3

B. 267.1cm3

C. 254.2cm3

D. 112.7cm3


19. The amount of heat given out or absorbed when a substance changes its state at a constant temperature is known as

A. latent heat

B. heat capacity

C. specific latent heat

D. specific heat capacity


20. Which of the following physical qualities affects the saturated vapour pressure of a liquid?

A. temperature

B. volume

C. mass

D. density


21. Humidity is used to describe the amount of

A. air in water vapour

B. cloud available in the atmosphere

C. air in equal volume of cloud

D. water vapour in the atmosphere


22. Surface waves travelling in deep water at 15ms-1are incident at a shallow water boundary. If the angles of incidence and refraction are 45oand 30o Calculate the speed of the waves in shallow water

A. 8.1ms-1

B. 10.0ms-1

C. 10.6ms-1

D. 22.5ms-1


23. An incident ray is reflected normally by a plane mirror onto a screen where it forms a bright spot. The mirror and screen are parallel and 1m apart. If the mirror is rotated through 5o, calculate the displacement of the spot

A. 8.7cm

B. 10.0cm

C. 15.4cm

D. 17.6cm


24. Convex spherical mirrors are preferred to plane mirrors as driving mirrors because

A. the image produce is upright and clearly visible

B. it provides a wider field of view

C. the image produce is erect and diminished

D. the image produced is not laterally inverted


25. An object is placed 20cm from a lens. If an image is formed on a screen 260cm away from the lens, calculate the magnification of the image

A. 28

B. 26

C. 24

D. 13


26. A piece of cloth appears green in sunlight. When held in red light, it will appear

A. green

B. blue

C. red

D. black


27. Dispersion of white light by a glass prism occurs because

A. white light consists of a mixture of seven different colour

B. the refractive index of glass is different from each constituent colour of white light

C. the speed of each colour of light in the glass is proportional to the refractive index of glass for each colour

D. the speed of each colour of light in the glass is proportional to the angle of refraction in the prism


28. Which of the following statements about sound is correct?

A. when sound travels from air to a denser medium, it is refracted away from the normal at the point of incidence

B. sound travels faster in air than in water

C. the wavelength of sound changes when it travels from water

D. the frequency of it travels from air to water


29. The diagram above shows the wire of a sonometer box set into resonance by a vibrating tuning fork of frequency f, when the wire is stretched by a tension T, the resonating length of the wire is I while the wavelength of the sound produced is λλ. Which of the following statements is not correct? The wave produced on the wire is

A. stationary and longitudinal

B. stationary and mechanical

C. mechanical and longitudinal

D. progressive and transverse


30. Which of the following statements about the frequency of vibration of the wire is not correct?

A. proportional to the mass per unit length of the wire

B. equal to the frequency of the tuning fork

C. inversely proportional to the length of the wire

D. proportional to the square root of the tension


31. If the frequency of the tuning fork at resonance is 256Hz, calculate the frequency of vibration of the wire when the tension in the wire is increased to 196N

A. 130.6Hz

B. 182.9Hz

C. 358.4Hz

D. 501.8Hz


32. The magnitude of the gravitational force between two particles 0.10m apart is 10N. If the distance between them is increased to 0.20m, calculate the magnitude of the new force

A. 40.0N

B. 20.0N

C. 5.0N

D. 2.5N


33. As the plates of a charged variable capacitor are moved closer together, the potential difference between them

A. increased

B. decrease

C. remains the same

D. is doubled


34. What is the effective capacitance in the circuit?

A. 2μF

B. 6μF

C. 18μF

D. 216μF


35. What is the total energy stored by the capacitors?

A. 2.0 x 10-4J

B. 1.0 x 10-4J

C. 9.0 x 10-2J

D. 1.0 x 10-2J


36. Three identical lamps each power 100W are connected in parallel across a potential difference of 250V. Calculate the current in the circuit

A. 7.5A

B. 2.5A

C. 1.2A

D. 0.8A


37. An electric bulb is rated 60W, 220V. Calculate the resistance of its filament when it is operating normally

A. 296.7Ω

B. 400.0Ω

C. 512.2Ω

D. 806.7Ω


38. The Earth’s magnetic equator passes through Jos in Nigeria. At Jos. the

A. angle of variation is zero

B. magnetic declination is 90o

C. angle of dip is zero

D. horizontal component of the Earth’s magnetic field is zero


39. Which of the following statements about magnetic lines of force is not correct?

A. a magnetic line of force is an imaginary line which the north pole of a magnet would describe if it is free to moves

B. magnetic lines of force do not cross one another

C. magnetic lines of force are closely packed together at the neutral point

D. the presence of magnetic lines of force in a region indicates the presence of a magnetic field


40. The material used for constructing the core of an electromagnet is

A. iron

B. carbon

C. copper

D. steel


41. In the circuit diagram above. Calculate the energy stored in the inductor at resonance

A. 0.100J

B. 0.050J

C. 0.010J

D. 0.005J


42. Calculate the reactance of the inductor in the circuit diagram shown above [π=227π=227]

A. 132Ω

B. 214Ω

C. 264Ω

D. 269Ω


43. In which of the following transition is the largest quantum of energy liberated by a hydrogen atom when the electron changes energy levels? [n is the quantum number}

A. n = 2 to n = 1

B. n =1 to n = 2

C. n = 2 to n =3

D. n = 3 to n = 2


44. A photon of wavelength lo is emitted when an electron in an atom makes a transition from a level of energy 2EK to that of energy Ek. if the electron transits from 4/3Ek to Ek level, determine the wavelength of the photon that would be emitted

A. 3lo

B. 2lo

C. ¾ lo

D. 1/3 lo


45. Production of x-ray tube begins with

A. photoelectric emission

B. collision of electrons

C. thermionic emission

D. field emission of electrons


46. The nucleon number and the proton number of a neutral atom of an element are 23 and 11 respectively. How many neutrons are present in the atom

A. 11

B. 12

C. 23

D. 34


47. A nitrogen nucleus bombarded with an alpha particle produces an oxygen nucleus and a proton. The nuclear reaction for this process is 4/2H+14/2N→17/8O+1/1H+Q. Which of the following statements about the reaction is not correct?

A. the bombardment results into a nucleus with greater proton number

B. it is an induced nuclear reaction

C. it is a natural radioactive decay

D. the sum of the final nucleon numbers


48. In a nuclear reactor, electricity can be generated through the following processes. Arrange the processes in the correct order.

I. the steam is used to drive turbines.

II. The heat energy released is removed by passing through the reactor.

III. The turbines, in turn, generate electricity.

IV. The water then passes through some form of the heat exchanger to produce steam


A. II, IV, I, and III

B. I, II, III, and IV

C. III, I, IV and II

D. IV, I, III and II


49. Electrons passing through crystals are diffracted because they

A. are repelled by the atoms in the crystal

B. are attracted by the atoms in the crystals

C. possess wave properties

D. are particles


50. The duality of matter implies that matter

A. exist as a particle of dual composition

B. has momentum and energy

C. has both waves and particle properties

D. is made up of dual materials

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