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UTME 2016 Use Of English


COMPREHENSION: Read the passage carefully and answer the question that follows. The question carries 3 marks

    The African moralist has always regarded smoking as an indication of moral degradation. A number of people have accepted the moralist idea on smoking while a good many people have remained indifferent to the moralist view and have continued to smoke. The same argument has been applied to the consumption of alcohol. The African moralist, basing his judgement on the behaviour of a few alcoholics, tend to regard the habit of taking
alcohol as a sign of wretchedness. The moralist holds the view that anybody who forms the habit of consuming alcohol will never do well in life. While this may be true in respect of a few people in the society, the fear of the moralist has not been justified.

      However, the economist is primarily interested in the habit of smoking and the consumption of alcohol in so far as they give satisfaction to smokers and drinkers and so generate supply
of and demand for tobacco and alcohol.

     Some moral principles associated with religion tend to lead on to economic problems. Followers of certain religions are expected not to consume pork, take alcohol or smoke tobacco. Devotees of some religious groups, on the other hand, can eat pork while others are expected to abstain from alcohol and smoking. Strict observance of these moral rules could cripple the breweries, the cigarette factories and some businesses; however, there seems to
be a growing number of alcohol consumers and cigarette smokers-a development which should be of interest to the economist.

Adapted from Peter Scott’s article in Sunday Times.

1. The view expressed by the writer in the last paragraph is that (a) the number of alcoholics

and smoker is certainly increasing (b) more people appear to take to drinking and smoking (c) sales of alcohol and tobacco products have improved tremendously (d) more people now abstain from drinking and smoking

2.It can be concluded from the passage that morality, religion and economy are (a) somewhat interconnected (b) clearly interconnected (c) certainly different (d) certainly unrelated

3. According to the passage, the moralist idea is that (a) the smoking of cigarettes is bad and unacceptable (b)it is typically African not to smoke cigarettes (c) people sh6uld accept a point of view only when they are convinced (d) smoking is not good but a little alcohol may be permitted

4. Which of the following statements is true according to the passage? (a) total abstinence from drinking and smoking is a religious obligation (b)smoking and drinking may have positive effects on the economy (c) every one ignores the moralist view on drinking and smoking (d) people who drink or smoke surely die of cancer

5. The positions maintained by the moralist and the economist can be described as being (a) quite indifferent (b) very agreeable (c) very passionate (d) at variance


Read the passage carefully and answer the question that follows. The question carries 3 marks

   When man evolved a conscience, his basic relationship with the other animals began to change. Until then, they were broadly divided into those which ate him when they got the chance, those which he ate when he got the chance, and a third group which competed with him for food, or was otherwise a nuisance to him in the business of keeping alive. In the primitive situation, man was, therefore, basically against nature but, as the battle was progressively won, conscience crept in; the awareness of responsibility, and a failure to meet it, produced feelings of guilt.

   Those who live in cities and need no longer do battle against nature are nowadays most actively for nature. At this time, something like a thousand kinds of animals (vertebrate animals) can be said to be in danger of extinction. A few of them have been reduced to this precarious position by extensive killing but the majority are disappearing only as fast as the particular kind of country they need for existence is itself disappearing and all the
hands of man, as often as not by mistake.
There are three species of turtles whose future survival is menaced by the demand for turtle soup, which would hardly justify the extermination of a giant reptile whose family has existed for 200 million years.

    Leopards are in jeopardy because of the fashion for their skins. As they get rarer, the prices rise and, as leopard skin become more expensive, the demand increases. No species can long survive the price of N60,000 which a half- grown baby leopard now carries on its skin.

    And crocodiles, the longest surviving reptiles, are now dwindling alarmingly as a result of the fashion in crocodile skin for ladies’ handbags and men’s shoes. The human population explosion spreads mankind across the land surfaces of the earth at an alarming rate. There will be twice as many of us before most of us are dead. Does this mean no room for wild animals? Of course not.

Adapted from Peter Scott’s article in Sunday Times.

6. The sentence There will be twice as many of us before most of us are dead means (a) some increase in human and animal population growth rates (b) mankind is fast spreading across the earth (c) the population growth rate will double before our death (d) many of us will die as a result of population explosion

7. Which of the following statements is true according to the passage? (a) man kills animal only when he can afford to do so. (b) man eats all categories of animals (c) man cannot spare those animals that eat his kind (d) man poses the greatest threat to nature

8. The basic causes of the elimination of certain animals from the earth include (a) a deliberate battle against nature and the quest for leopard skin (b) man’s decision to live in cities and the development of large farm lands (c) man’s penchant for meat and the sale of animals for meat and hides (d) extensive killing of animals and the fast disappearances of their favourable habitats

9. The expression when man evolved a conscience means when (a) man’s intellect improved tremendously (b) man became a critical creature (c) man developed an awareness of right and wrong (d) man acquired new habits

10. From the passage, the attitude of the writer can be described as (a) indifferent (b) partial (c) optimistic (d)pessimistic


The passage below has gaps. Immediately following each gap, four options are provided. Choose the most appropriate option for each gap

A prepared speech is not easy to deliver, especially if it is not written by the presenter. ” (a) quantum (b) document (c) free (d) manuscript delivery is one in which the speech has been written out word for word and is read to 12 —(a) an audience (b) a congregation (c) a gathering (d) a conference. This kind of delivery is usually reserved for every 13 (a) genuine (b) impromptu (c) guaranteed (d) formal occasions when exact wording is 14 (a) reportive (b) conclusive (c) critical such as the State of the Union Address or speeches before the United Nations General 15 (a) assembly (b) organisation (c)
negotiation. The primary advantage is that speech may be highly 16 (a) advanced (b) analogue (c) discreet (d) polished in terms of word choice, turns of phrase and development of ideas. The main advantage is that this type of delivery is difficult to do well. Reading aloud with meaningful 11 (a) vocal (b) bifocal (c) anticipatory (d) profuse inflection speaker to be very familiar with the text. If not the words will come out in a choppy, expressionless way. Such poor delivery could ” (a) decisive (b) positive (c)interactive (d) restrictive effects created by the carefully chosen 19 (a) dialect (b) rhetoric (c) slang (d) language lack of familiar* with the 20 (a) text (b) context (c) exchange (d) note could also speaker from maintaining eye contact with the people being addressed.

These questions are based on A. H. Mohammed’s “The First Days at Forcado High School”

21. According to the Novel, Efua was in Forcados High School because (a) her stepfather was a board member (b) of her former principal’s recommendation (c) the school needed her mother’s support (d) of aunt Muni’ gift to the school

22. According to the Novel, who intimated Efua that there was a clash between area boys? (a) Miss Novi (b) Mr Salami (c) Mr Edet (d) Mr Mallum

23.   The speculation amongst the students of Forcados High School gas that Jimi was dating (a) Joke (b) Caro (c) Risikat (d) Efua

24. The best thing that happened to Efua at the end of the term was (a) the visit of Nene’s family (b) her participation in the Christmas concert (c) her exclusion from Miss Novi’s charity group (d) the principal’s open commendation of ‘net* result

25. When did a boy faint at Forcados High School? (a) during the prize-giving day (b) during the Mid-term dinner (c) during the valedictory service (d) during the inter-house sports competition

26. Mr Mallum, the principal, was a symbol of (a) freedom (b) envy (c) condemnation (d) achievement

27. Ansa decided not to like Efua because he (a) learnt she was controversial (b) thought she was fetish (c) Felt she was snobbish (d) thought she was wayward

28. In the novel, Ansa loo around glumly when Jimi was engrossed in laughter and chatter because he was (a) distracted by a b playing on the field (b) neglected by Jimi (c) given twelve strokes of the cane by the principal (d) anxious to go home

29. Which of the following statements captures Ansa’s thought about Jimi? (a) He thought Jimi was a lucky boy (b) He was going to break his friendship with Jimi (c) He thought Jimi cut corners to succeed (d) He was envious of Jimi’s achievement

30. Jimi was still trembling when he got home from the bar because (a) he ran into a team of policemen (b) Wole’s friend wanted to beat him (c) he saw an accident on the way (d) he was carrying illicit drugs

31. After listening to Jimi’s explanation on the stolen laboratory equipments, Mr Mallum decided to (a) get in touch with Jimi’s relations (b) punish Jimi for the wrong doings (c) put an end to the matter (d) contact the police for Jimi’s release

32. Which of the following best describes Mr Mallum? (a) He was a small, wiry man with odd accent (b) He was a tall, wiry man with good diction (c) He was crude, rash and impatient
(d) He was a fat, tall man with wimpish

33. How did Nene feel when she saw Efua’s painting by Ansa? (a) She became friendly (b) She acted timidly (c) She was delighted (d) She was surprised.

34. One of the things Ansa observed about his fellow students when they resumed for the new term was that some of them (a) wore their ties in odd knots (b) were eager to go back home (c) looked sickly and malnourished (d) had become rude and unruly

35. Efua was not in the good book of teachers at Forcados High School because (a) her admission into the senior class was unusual (b) she was expelled from her previous school (c) the students of the school did not like her (d) she bribed the principal before she was admitted

LEXIS, STRUCTURE AND ORAL FORMS: In these questions, select the option that best explains the information conveyed in the sentence

36. Ramatu expressed her feelings in no uncertain terms (a) she expressed it feebly and sickly (b) she expresses it quietly and
cautiously (c) she expressed it secretly and courageously (d) she expressed it clearly and strongly

37. Usman needs to get his act together if he wants to pass the examination (a) he needs to put on his stage costume (b) he needs to be fast when writing the examination (c) he needs to organise himself (d) he needs to put all points down in the examination

38. As the drama unfolded, Olatinuke was advised to keep her shirt on (a) she was advised to stay calm (b) she was advised to commit herself (c) she was advised to join the club (d) she was advised to wear her shirt

39. The team’s poor performance at the tournament plumbed the depths of horror.
(a) the team’s performance was rewarded (b)
the team’s performance took them to the next round (c) the team’s performance was enjoyed by all (d) the team’s performance was full of disappointment

40. He is a clinging child (a) He is a bully (b) He likes to cling with his sister (c) He is possessive (d) He is a handsome young man

41. You need to brush up on your Spanish (a) you need a brush from Spain (b) you need to study the history of Spain (c) you need to learn to play with a Spaniard (d) you need to
improve your skills.

42. Tolu and Chinedu live in each other’s pockets (a) They are long-term business partners (b) They are very close to each other (c) They blackmail each other (d) They steal from each other

43. Zinana’a examination result was not unfavourable (a) She failed her examination (b) Her result could not earn her admission (c) She was successful in the examination

44. ‘I can’t wait to become a mother.’ the new bride declared (a) she sees motherhood as a burden (b) she will be patient as a mother (c) She is not keen on becoming a mother (d) she is excited about motherhood.

45. Amaka would pass for beauty queen (a) she was acting as a beauty queen (b) she would pass the drink to the queen who is sitting next to her (c) she would be accepted by all as a beauty queen (d) she walked past the beauty queen

For these questions, choose the option opposite in meaning to the word or phrase in italics 

46. The relationship between the couple has been frosty (a) amenable (b) fraudulent (c) frugal (d) cordial

47. The dressmaker unpicked the seam of the shirt (a) tore up (b) sewed up (c) threaded (d) picked up

48. Some of my neighbours have an antipathy to dogs (a) enmity towards (b) alarm for (c) acronym (d) affection for

49. Chibuzor gave a curt nod and walked away (a) rude (b) polite (c) gentle (d) shocking

50. The girl took a cursory glance at the letter and hid it (a) brief (b) sententious (c) lasting (d) concise

51. The accused was eventually convicted (a) initially (b) finally (c) subsequently (d) consequently

52. My niece has an unquenchable thirst for adventure stories (a) an illegitimate (b) a spurious (c) an inextinguishable (d) a reduced

53. Musa is a gifted but erratic player (a) regular (b) strong (c) unstable (d) unpredictable

54. The testimony of the witness was vague (a) real (b) factual (c) true (d) clear

55. As a student, Isa tried communal living for a few years (a) shared (b) private (c) collective (d) general

56. The lamb is a feeble little animal (a) fat (b) weak (c) loving (d) quite

For these questions, choose the nearest in meaning to the word or phrase in italics

57. The chairman admires incessant meetings (a) planned (b) unusual (c) irregular (d) constant

58. The exhibition was an eye opener to all (a) dispatch (b) examination (c) style (d) display

59. The first round of the tournament was a doddle (a) exasperating (b) balanced (c) dodgy (d) easy

60. As a journalist, Bala has always had a nose for stories (a) a command (b) cynical statement (c) soft comment (d) an instinct

61. The actress screamed when she noticed an object behind her (a) wailed (b) protested (c) waded in (d) stormed out

62. Today’s weather is favourable for a game of tennis (a) impartial (b) abnormal (c) encouraging (d) disapproving

63. All the candidates looked against at the first reading of the questions (a) fulfilled (b) dismayed (c) satisfied (d) again

64. I am tired of your eternal argument (a)open (b) strong (c) constant (d) useless

65. Joke gave Muhammad a jaunty smile (a) frightful (B) cheerful (c) discouraging (d) Inviting

From questions 65 to 85, choose the option that best completes the gap(s) 

66. You live in the city now, ___? (a) are you (b) don’t you (c) didn’t you (d) haven’t you

75. My father has just bought a peugeot brand new car (b) a car brand new peugeot (c) a new brand peugeot car (d) a brand new peugeot
67. Concrete is made of   (a) sand and cement (b) a sand and a cement (c) sand and a cement (d) a sand and cement

68.  Suana ___ that hexagons had five sides, but later he knew they were six-sided figures. (a) would have believed (b) had believed (c) believes (d) has believed

69. The __ to the fallen heroes was erected at the market square (a) exhibition (b) monument (c) myth (d) picture

70. The Flying Eagles of Nigeria couldn’t have won the match if they hadn’t prepared well, __? (a) can’t they (b) couldn’t they (c) could they (d) can they

71. They all gathered to exhume the __ musician’s corpse for examination (a) posthumous (b) post-mortem (c) post-natal (d) orthopaedic

72. I have been doing this exercise ___(a) for five minutes (b) five minutes ago (c) since five minutes (d) during five minutes

73. Oloyede always sleeps like a baby, ___ ? (a) does he (b) could he (c) doesn’t he (d) did he

74. The man was given degree despite the fact that he did not attend a __ university (a) an honorary (b) an honourable (c) a ceremonial (d) a ceremonious

76. The university is a corporate body made___ different colleges (a) in with (b) of with (c) up of (d) up from

77. The secretary hadn’t     money left. (a) any (b) anything (c) none (d) no

78. The King was recognised __the scar on his face. (a) with (b) to (c) by (d) for

79. Nkiru has lots of friends, but I have __(a) only a little (b) little (c) only a few (d) few

80. The HOD says she considers her degree certificate___ than as a prize through labour (a) rather as a gift of God (b) rather God as a gift (c) as a gift rather of God (d) as a rather gift of God

81. Mr Ojo instructed his son to replace the faulty___ tube (a) flurescent (b) flourescent (c) fluorescent (d) florescent

82. The employer, not the salesmen___ responsible for the loss (a) have been (b) was (c) were (d) will be

83. She was___as anyone could have had (a) as patient as teacher (b) as a patient a teacher (c) as patient teacher (d) a patient a teacher

84. There was a serious___between the new couple over feeding allowance (a) arguement
(b) argeument (c) arguement (d) argument

85. They thought Musa     agree if they altered some of the conditions (a) can (b) may (c) might (d) ought

For these questions, choose the option that has the same vowel sound as the one represented by the letter(s) underlined

86. Waiter (a) Flavour (b) cite (c) road (d) hair

87. Flee (a) field (b) skate (c) faith (d) rid

88. Palm (a) florid (b) ranch (c) blunt (d) lunch

89. Phantom (a) physics (b) pew (c) phew (d)party

90. Chest (a) fixture (b) school (c) charisma (d) mass

91. Epitaph (a) pneumonia (b) fan (c) paper (d) pseudo

For these questions, choose the option that rhymes with the given word

92. Ever (a) never (b) heavier (c) fever (d)favour

93. Cable (a) bible (b) mabel (c) able (d)marble

94. Mail (a) bale (b) slate (c) girl (d) galle

For these questions, choose the appropriate stress pattern from the options, the stress syllables are written in capital letter(s)

95. Advantages (a) advantaGES (b)adVANtages (c) ADvantages (d) advanTAges

96. Intentional (a) inTENtional (b) INtentional (c) intentionAL (d) intentioNAL

For this question, choose the option that is stressed on the first syllable

97. (a) guitar (b) guilty (c) confuse (d) relief

In the question, the words in capital letter has the emphatic stress. Choose the option to which the given sentence relates.

98. I left my bag on the TABLE

(a) Is the bag left under the table?

(b) Did I leave the shoe on the table?
(c) Who left the bag on the table?
(d) Where did I leave the bag?

99. Kanu can play FOOTBALL
(a) Who can play football?
(b) What can Kanu play?
(c) What can Kanu do with football?
(d) Why should Kanu play football? 15. A


100. Aisha plays TENNIS always (a) Who plays tennis always?
(b) Does Aisha watch tennis always?
(c) What does Aisha play always?
(d) When does Aisha play tennis?


  1.  B
  1.   A
  1.   A
  1.   B
  1.   D
  1.   C
  1.   D
  1.   D
  1.   C
  1. D
  1. C
  1. A
  1. D
  1. A
  1. A
  1. D
  1. A
  1. C
  1. D
  1. B
  1. B
  1. A
  1. B
  1. D
  1. B
  1. C
  1. C
  1. A
  1. A
  1. A
  1. B
  1. A
  1. D
  1. D
  1. A
  1. D
  1. C
  1. A
  1. D
  1. C
  1. D
  1. B
  1. C
  1. D
  1. C
  1. D
  1. B
  1. D
  1. B
  1. C
  1. A
  1. D
  1. A
  1. D
  1. B
  1. B
  1. D
  1. D
  1. D
  1. D
  2. A

    62. C

    63. B

    64. C

    65.  D

    66. B

    67. A

    68.  B

    69. B

    70. C

    71. B

    72. A

    73. C

    74. A

    75. D

    76. C

    77. A

    78. C

    79. D

    80. B

    81.  C

    82. C

    83. B

    84. D

    85. C

    86. A

    87. A

    88. B

    89. A

    90.  A

    91. B

    92. A

    93. A

    94. A

    95. B

    96. A

    97. A

    98. D

    99. B

    100. C

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