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UTME 2015 Use of English

COMPREHENSION: Read the passage carefully and answer the questions that follow

   There are many different approaches to conflict management, each of which may have utility in particular circumstances. A great deal of scholarship has been devoted to analysing how and in what situations different approaches can be applied most effectively.

   Conflict management approaches can be classified into two broad categories. Firstly, on the basis of the level of escalation which the particular conflict is being managed. In this sense, one can distinguish between the peaceful and the ‘military’ approaches. The trademarks of the peaceful approach are negotiation, verbal persuasion, use of inducements, denial of privileges, and subtle manipulation short of the use of physical forces, while those of the military approach relate to the use of physical coercion. The use of physical force could be by a party to a conflict or third party, to promote one side’s interest, impose a settlement, or create a situation in which diplomatic negotiations can occur.

     Secondly, conflict management approaches can also be classified according to the status of the participants in the bargaining process. For example, a conflict could be managed through
negotiation that is, direct bargaining by the parties involved in the conflict; or through mediation, that is with the help of a third party.

1. The expression third party, as used in the passage, means
a. Politician
b. Intruder
c. Conformist
d. Mediator

2.  From the passage, it can be deduced that:
A. All nations adopt the peaceful approach
B. All nations prefer the military option
C. Prevailing circumstances push a warring nation to sue for peace

D. Conflicts are noted for facilitating opportunities

3. Which of the following statements can be inferred from the passage?
a. The approach to employ in conflict management depends on the state of affairs
b. Only one conflict management approach can be applied in all situations
c. All conflict management approaches can be all situations.
d. There is a general disagreement among scholars on conflict management.

4. According to the passage, the different approaches to conflict management are
a.  Pernicious
b. Uniform
c.  Misleading
d.  Fundamental

5.  The word utility, as used in the passage, means
a.  Difficulty
b.  Attitude
c.  Usefulness
d.  Management

6. The word couched, as used in the passage, means
a. Arranged
b. Expressed
c. Modified
d. Itemized

7.  From the writer’s point of view, one can conclude that
a. The only authority a society has is its language
b. Language and culture are interwoven
c. People of the same culture in the same society
d. Developing people of the world have not developed their language

8.      Which of the following can be inferred from the passage?
a.      The world is interpreted to use only in our native language
b.     Our native language is as important as the world around us
c.      We know more about the world around us if our language is not written
d.     The world around us is the world of
people who speak the same language

9.      What is the symbolic function of a native language, according to the passage?
a.      It enables the society itself the more
b.     It promotes understanding within the group
c.      It distinguishes that society from others
d.     It alienates progress within the society and beyond.

10.   From the passage, one can imply that
a. The language of instruction is ideally one’s own language
b. Native languages are difficult to use as languages of instruction.
c. No foreign language should be taught in any society
d. No society conducts its education in a foreign language


The passage below has gaps, immediately following such gap, four options are provided chose the most appropriate

   Before now, students bumped unto career by chance or through the insistence of parents. These parents had pre-conceived notions of….11 …. professions and gave little consideration to their children’s interest, aptitude, knowledge and skills. Students’ career decisions were also …….. 12 ….. by the type of secondary schools they attended. Before government take – over of schools in
1971. Over 80% of elementary and secondary schools were privately owned and competition was  ….. 13….  among these schools. Each strived to carve an …14… for herself by excelling in sports or academics and students often ended up in engineering, medicine, the science and law. Junior students tried to……15…. the career choices of their seniors. This spirit of rivalry among mission and private schools waned with government take-over of schools.

   Government involvement in career development is beset with many problems. One such problem is the ….. 16 …. Shortage of professional career development officers. These few officers are …… 17 …… given the opportunity to practice. If the government of Nigeria has …18 … a guidance and counseling policy. It must be pointed out that emphasis is still at the secondary level of education. This situation..19.. the current view that career development should start at the pre- primary level and continue till adulthood .

11. A. Insignificant B. prestigious C. inferior D. debased

12.  A. influenced B. hampered  C. subdued D. rejected

13. A. high B. minimal C. low D. moderate

14. A. attitude B. image C. effort D. avenue

15.  A. appreciate B. emulate C. reject D. denounce

16.  A. mild  B. acute C. slow D. average

17.   A. seldom B. usually C. often D. frequently

18.   A. lauded B. muffled C. muffled D. enunciated

19.   A. rejects  B. approves C. contradicts D. verifies

20. A. Lauded B. Muffled C. Mumbled D. Enunciated

These question 21 to 36 are based on A. H Mohammed’s  “The Last Day at Forcados High School”

21.  The information that Efua’s diary had been leaked to all in the school was first made known to her by —- a. Caro b. Ansa c. Nene  d. Joke

22.   “What do you want? Doesn’t it offend your pure gentle soul to be sitting beside me?
In the excerpt above, pure and gentle soul referred to a.Nene b. Jimi c. Efua d. Ansa

24.   What did Ansa do when Efau was introduced to him for the first time
a.      He smiled sheepishly
b.     He murmured awkwardly
c.      He snubbed her
d.     He embraced her

25.   After the graduation, Nene hoped to study a.  Accountancy b. Law c. Architecture d.     Education

26.   At one time, the closeness between Jimi and Wole heightened because they wanted to a.      Contend with Jimi adversaries at Forcados High School
b.     Unite against the bullying of the eldest brother
c.      Present a common front in their quest to learn at school
d.     Practice the act of dancing in the school choir

27.   Teacher Bade earned the nickname “cane” because he was

a.   A Discipline master in the school
b.     Always ready to listen to student’s complaints
c.      Always ready to punish offenders
d.     Always ready to appreciate students

28.   From the storyline, we could conclude that Forcados high school emphasized
a.      Individuality
b.     Conformity
c.      Duplicity
d.     Truancy

29.   Despite the fact that Anza was not as brilliant as Jimi, he still saw jimi as a
a.      Friendly and likeable person
b.     Timid and likeable person
c.      Likeable but hostile person
d.     Humble ad likeable person

30.   Jimi was to run away from the policemen when they asked him to stop by
a.      Getting help from a good Samaritan
b.     Jumping into a nearby bush
c.      Hiding under the table
d.     Jumping into a moving bus

31.   The impromptu meeting to prepare for the mid-term dinner was attended by the
a.      School prefects
b.     Organizing committee
c.      Ss3 students
d.     School teachers

32.   What did Jimi occupy himself with as he took his shower
a.      He was whistling
b.     He was crying
c.      He was dancing
d.     He was brooding

33.   Who was considered as a bright spark in an unspoken contest with Jimi over their chemistry results?
a.      Eze
b.     Caro
c.      Nene
d.     Efau

34.   The teacher’s attitude towards Efau was that of
a.      Recognition
b.     Misconception
c.     Misapplication
d.     Repression

35.   Which of these best describe Aunty Moni’s character trait
a.     Garrulous
b.     Docile
c.     Arrogant
d.     Extravagant

36.   The workers tightened their hold on the capital
a.      They tightened a rope round their capital
b.     They controlled the capital more strictly
c.      The held unto other workers in the capital
d.     They stretched their hold on the capital and beyond.

From these questions, select the options that best explain the information conveyed in the sentence.

37.   Amedu’s actions provoked severe criticism
a.     His actions were seriously rejected
b.     His action were severe and accepted
c.      His action were itemized because he was young
d.     His action provoked the humour

38.   I haven’t seen the movie and my brother hasn’t either
a.      I have seen the movie but neither of my brother have
b.     My brother and I haven’t seen the movie
c.      Only my brother has seen the movie

39. Sule would have been given the car if his father had hot complained.
A. He wasn’t given the car because his father complained
B.He was given the car because his father complained
C. His father complained about the car and he was given.
D. He was given the car even though his father didn’t complain

40. Adayi cannot halt the march of time.
A. she is willing to march on
B. She cannot change the way things happen.
C. She halts the march on time.
D. She cannot alter the peace march.

41. The lecture is Uye s road to Damascus.
A. The lecture is an opportunity to travel to Damascus.
B. The lecture is an experience that changes the way she thinks
C. The lecture talks exclusively about Damascus.
D. The lecture is an experience that cannot be changed.

42. Ado is one of the backwoodsmen.
A. He is one of those that live in a distant and underdeveloped area
B. He is one of the active member of the community
C. He is one of the honest men that lives in the community
D. He is one of those that live in the most developed part of the city

43. Bello said he would pitch his tent with the club.
A. He would support the club.
B. He would build a pitch in the club
C. He would build a tent on the pitch.
D. He would distance himself from the club.

44. Try not to lose heart, said the man.
A. Try not to be bold and weak
B. Try not to become sad and hopeless
C. Try not to be happy and feeble
D. Try not to be timid and hopeful.

45. Kasim would have attended the party if he had been invited.
A. He would not have attended even if he eat
B. He attended the party before he was invited.
C. He was not invited and so, he did not attend
D. He attended the party without invitation.

For these questions, choose the option opposite in meaning to the word or phrase in italics
46. Adewale’s arrival always triggers a media frenzy A. Violence. B. Agitation C. Calm D. Excitement.

47. She said, the experience was harrowing. A. Educating B. Frightening C. Pleasant D. Strange

48. The house was invaded by the young officers A. Set up B. Put down C. Defended D. built.

49. I like Adamu weird attitude. A.Buoyant  B. Peculiar C. Zestful D. normal. D. inglorious

50. We travelled to an obscure little town A. rugged B. Distinguished C. Secluded D. inglorious

51.She is known for her bizarre dressing. A. Natural B. Weird C. Obsolete D. Odious

52. Lami normally scurries around town A. Scampers B. Dashes C. Dawdles D. Scuttles

53. Sule’s poem is always explicit and compelling A. Exciting B. Clear C. Ambiguous D.Long.

54. Usman smiled in a scornful way A. Respectful B. Derisive C. Sarcastic D. Deluded.

55. Alade is noted for his erratic behaviour. A. Fitful B. Bizarre C. Consistent D. Euphoric

56. The priest knows Ochai as an abstainer A. Someone who never drinks alcohol B. Someone who holds onto his ideas C. Someone who reads a lot D. Someone who never cares about others

From these questions, choose the option nearest in meaning to the word or phrase in italics.

57. She gave a caustic remark on the occasion A. tangible B. Friendly C. insignificant D. Sarcastic.

58.It was a good try but it didn’t quite work out. A. Come to B. come off C. come from D. come for

59. Garuba’s performances in the competition was horrid. A. terrible B. encouraging C. Commendable D. rigid.

60 Just me the basic facts with needless details A. relevant B. extraneous C. essential D. critical

61. Usman likes toys made with bright and animated colours. A. dull B. sparkling C. black D. deep

62. The man has strong distaste for alcohol. A. love B. aversion C. desire D. excitement.

63. The schism in the’ organization is on the increase. A. disagreement B. understanding C. opportunity D. rot

64. Sule admires people who have unbending character A. mobile B. steady C. wavering D. unstable

65. He detests honesty A. likes B. hates C. encourages D. commands.

From questions 66 to 85, choose the option that best completes the gap(s)

66. The number of stores will be increased … twenty to thirty. A. from B. on C. at D. into

have rushes into it  C. would not have rushes into it D. would not have rushed into it.

67. … bomb had earlier been defused A. A leaf B. An alive C. A life D. A live

68. The mechanic did not tell me the brakes … bad A. were B. are C. is D. was.

69. Tayo could have supplied the goods but it was — into two A. splitting B. split C. splited D. splits.

70. Had Aisha realized what marriage entails she — A. could have not rush into it B. would


72. The company deals … computer software A. with B. for C. in D. to.

73 There is no logic — any of their claims. A. with B. in C. from D. up

74. … the house was an easy task for the demolition squad. A. Bringing forth B. Tearing down C. Bringing up D. Tearing with.

75. The player sat on the bench … the match lasted. A. since B. when C. that D. while

76. He ran out when he saw the teacher …? A. didn’t he B. isn’t he C. does he D. is he.

77. Parents should be good examples … their children. A. to B. at C. from D. by.

78. He travelled … last week A. somewhat B. somewhere C. some at D. somewhere

79. He was present at the party ….? A. wasn’t he B. did he C. could he D. didn’t he.

80. The prisoners had been … from all contacts A. kept upon B. kept apart C. kept for D. kept on.

81. We detest these… declared the woman A. types of programme B. type of programmes C. types of programmes D. type of programme.

82. lima doesn’t like working in the dark …? A. has she B. does she C. will she D. did she

83. Oboro will always … his friends. A. stand up for B. stand down for C. stand across for D. stand besides for

84. She arrived … air for the occasion. A. for B. in C. with D. by

85. Audu overbalanced and … the water. A. fell into B. fell from C. fell for D. fell at

For this question, choose the option that has the same vowel sound as the one represented by the letter(s) underlined.

86. Bore A. call B. curl C. slot D. hum

87. Head A. said B. heard C. herd D. shirt.

88. Sky A. cite B. eats C. breaks D. coil.

89. Loath A. breathe B. that C. thaw D. tank.

90. Van A. of B. often C. off D. physics.

91. Lodge A. soldier B. rogue C. go D. measure.

For this question, choose the option that rhymes with the given word.

92. Suite A. tree B. breath C. bleat D. sweet.

93. Cart A. lash B. cat C. part D. pack.

94. Sight A. skate B. short C. cite D. plait

For this question, choose the choose the appropriate stress pattern from the options. the stress syllables are written in capital letter(s) 

95. Programmatic A. proGRAMmatic B. PROgrammatic C. programMATIC
D. programmatIC

96. Certification A. certiFIcation B. CERtification C. certifiCAtion D. cerTIfication

97. Motivation A. moTIvation B. motivaTION C. motiVAtion D. MOtivation

In the question, the words in capital letter has the emphatic stress. Choose the option to which the given sentence relates.

98. Bukola’s UNCLE is a strict teacher
A. Is Bukola’s uncles a strict cook?
B. Is Tunde’s uncle a strict teacher?
C. Is Bukola’s aunt a strict teacher?
D. Is Bukola’s uncle an easy going teacher?

99. She puts spoon on the CHAIR.
A. Did she put the fork on the chair?
B. Did she put the spoon on the chair?
C. Who put the spoon on the chair?
D. Who took the spoon on the chair?

100. Asa is a lawyer
A. Is Asa a robber?
B. Who is a lawyer?
C.Is Asa the lawyer?
D. Was Asa the lawyer?


1. D
2. D
3. A
4. D
5. C
6. B
7. A
8. B
9. C
10. A
11. A
12. C
13. A
14. A
15. A
16. B
17. C
18. B
19. A
20. D
21. D
22. A
23. B
24. A
25. A
26. B
27. A
28. B
29. D
30. B
31. A
32. D
33. A
34. B
35. D
36. B
37. A
38. B
39. A
40. B
41. B
42. A
43. A
44. B
45. C
46. C
47. C
48. C
50. B
51. A
52. C
53. C
54. A
55. C
56. A
57. D
58. B
59. A
60. C
61. B
62. B
63. A
64.    B
65.    B
66.    A
67.    D
68.    A
69.    C
70.    D
71.    NO ANSWER
72.    C
73.    B
74.    B
75.    D
76.    A
77.    A
78.    A
79.    A
80.    B
81.    A
82.    B
83.    A
84.    D
85.    A
86.    C
87.    A
88.    A
89.    C
90.    A
91.    A
92.    D
93.    C
94.    C
95.    C
96.    C
97.    C
98.    C
99.    B
100.  B

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